We are glad you stopped by. We officially launched Lucky's Bazaar in Aug 2022 and we are excited that you turned to us as one you your sources for trading cards, sports memorabilia, vintage collectibles, and antiques.

If you arrived here via a card found in your order, you are awesome and we thank you again. Your comments and feedback are important to us especially in our early stages.

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Visit us at SportsCardsPro.

I have recently started using SportsCardsPro. It is a fairly new site. Here is their FAQ.

Tip: The website offers a great "dark mode". Check under Create Account or My Account if logged in.

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Visit our eBay store.

Along with trading cards we will also having listings for antiques, vintage collectibles, and other items.

Coming Soon

Fall/Winter 2022

Before we decided to open Lucky's Bazaar, I sent about 2k cards to COMC.


Spring 2023

We are on the waiting list with a couple of antique malls. Some of our items are too large or cumbersome to attempt to ship at a reasonable cost.